Top tips for stressed-out couples


Being in a loving, active relationship is a wonderful journey and a beautiful battle. The highs and lows can take it out on your body and leave you feeling stressed-out. And if a person is emotionally flooded, the energy within becomes compacted and crowded. It can feel thick, slow-moving, and even painful. Donna Eden and David Feinstein know all about it. Donna is among the world’s most sought-after spokespersons for energy medicine. Her husband David is a clinical psychologist and has received numerous awards for his books on consciousness and healing. Their classes have helped thousands of couples lower their stress levels, heighten their understanding and build a rich partnership while maintaining the spark that keeps a relationship exciting.


Their book, The Energies of Love is filled with tools to help you diffuse arguments and energy exercises to increase your overall sense of joy and well-being. Read on for one set of the most popular exercises in the book. Each of the energy exercises presented here impacts your energy field in ways that are beneficial for processing stress, calming your emotions, becoming centred and thinking more clearly.


The Blow-Out moves toxic stressed energy out of your body, counters feelings of being overwhelmed, and allows the energies to flow more freely. Meanwhile, your aura expands, giving you more energetic ‘elbow room.’


The Zip-Up moves your life force up through the energy fields within and surrounding your body. Having just emptied discordant energies with the Blow-Out, the Zip-Up also stabilizes you in that calmer state.


The Hook-Up connects the energies going up the front of your body with the energies going up your spine and over your head, strengthening a force field that energetically surrounds and protects you, leaving you more resilient and confident.


The Blow-Out

Blow out the energetic residue of accumulated feelings by (1) making fists as you bring your hands and arms in front of you, (2) swinging your arms down and around behind you, (3) lifting them above your head, and (4) rapidly and with some force sending your fists down to your sides (see Figure 3-2). Purse your lips as you blow out the emotion. Open your hands when they have come all the way down. Repeat this several times. End by doing the movement once more, but this time, slowly and deliberately. Now with some of the energies cleared, do a Zip-Up.


The Zip-Up

Zip up by placing either or both hands at your pubic bone and taking a deep in breath as you move your hand with deliberation straight up the centre of your body, to your lower lip (see Figure 3-3). Repeat two or three times. Breathe deeply each time. Your hands emanate an electromagnetic field and, with this movement, you are tracing your Central Meridian, one of the body’s major energy pathways. This strengthens the meridian and tends to stabilize your energies, centring and empowering you.


The Hook-Up

Hook in this calm and clarity by placing the middle finger of one hand on your third eye (between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose) and the middle finger of your other hand in your navel. Gently press both fingers inward, pull them upward, and hold there for at least three deep, full breaths (see Figure 3-4).


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