De-stress with mindfulness puzzles

If you’ve had a difficult day, focusing the mind on challenging tasks can relieve stress and inspire you to think creatively. Print out and complete the mindfulness puzzles below.


mindfulness puzzles


The puzzles and brain-training activities below are designed to relieve stress and inspire creativity. Each game has been specially selected to provide the perfect level of challenge and reward for your brain. Feel the tension release as you focus on each achievable and fun task, and experience the endorphin reward buzz as you successfully complete each puzzle. What’s more, all of the puzzles provide a balanced level of challenge, meaning that you should be able to make good progress on virtually all of the puzzles.


Get creative

Stimulating your mind with each puzzle also helps unlock your brain’s innate creativity, just as sleep and rest can help you reach a breakthrough on pending tasks. Completing puzzles like these will help you feel refreshed and renewed, and ready to carry on with your daily life. Challenges such as special creativity and memory tasks help you to challenge your brain and practise these key skills.


Release your inner child!

You will be familiar with some puzzles, but there are also a small number of types that you might not have come across before. None of the puzzles have complex rules, however, so it’s best to give them all a go, and let your brain enjoy the reward of successfully solving a new type of problem! There are also some more grown-up versions of childhood classics, with mindful activities such as colouring patterns, mazes, colour-by-number and even some creative drawing tasks. Who doesn’t love releasing their inner child!








All puzzles in this article © Gareth Moore. Gareth Moore is the author of The Mindfulness Puzzle Book 2, and is the creator of cutting-edge brain training site,


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