A renowned psychic medium shows how we can all connect with the Other Side

The signs from the universe can be subtle, at first: a repeating number or a favourite flower of a loved one that has passed away. Psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson calls this type of message a default sign. They are the signs we all get, whether we ask for them or not. We pick them apart or maybe forget them before they can become something more. In Signs, Jackson shares the stories of people who have asked their friends, family, and spirit guides on the other side to deliver signs, and what they receive in response suggests that the universe is listening.


My name is Laura Lynne Jackson and I am a psychic medium. I help connect people to the Other Side. And the first thing I want to tell you is this: You don’t need a psychic medium to connect with the Other Side. Don’t get me wrong—I know the things I do can be enormously helpful to anyone who is open to them. The messages I’m able to convey from the Other Side can bring us the deepest happiness and invest our lives with a heightened purpose and clarity. They can set us on our highest life paths, the ones we were destined for. I can connect people to loved ones who’ve passed and to a common wellspring of energy—a great big tapestry of love and light—that fuels our lives in a way nothing else can.


All of these things are beautiful blessings, and when I’m able to share them with someone, it brings me incomparable joy. But the truth is, you don’t need me to share in these blessings. You don’t need me to tap into this incredible power. You don’t need a psychic medium to recognise and access the signs that I think of as the secret language of the universe—a form of communication that is all around us every day, available to us all.


Here are many of the most common default signs sent by the Other Side:

• Birds and butterflies
• Deer
• Electrical events (often with cellphones)
• Coins appearing in our path
• Rainbows
• Pictures
• Slogans
• Billboards
• Magazines
• License plates
• Street signs
• Music/songs
• Feathers
• Ladybugs
• Numerical sequences


There is a reason the Other Side uses these things as signs: They tend to be easier for us to recognise—and easier for them to manipulate and put in our path. The conductive force behind any sign is energy. The universe is made of matter, and all matter is essentially condensed energy. The Other Side comprises the light and energy of all our souls put together. Energy, therefore, is the currency that binds us all—the connective tissue of the entire universe. Even Albert Einstein cited the connection between matter and energy, stating, “Mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing—a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.” Our Teams of Light on the Other Side can manipulate energy fields in a way that makes them ideal for sending signs.


I suspect they do this by utilising the earth’s magnetic field. This field is a massive jumble of charged particles that stretches all the way from the earth’s interior to the farthest depths of space. Scientific studies have shown that many animals use the earth’s magnetic field to orient themselves and to navigate their way in the world. One study in the Journal of Experimental Biology referred to this phenomenon as “nature’s GPS.” What’s more, all living beings generate electromagnetic energy—a form of energy that emits from objects through electrical and magnetic waves.  Animals can sense each other’s electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Butterflies send out ultraviolet signals, while many birds have built-in compasses that are guided by the earth’s magnetic field. And hunters have long complained about a sixth sense employed by deer, because deer are extremely tuned into EMFs. This is why the Other Side often sends us animals and insects as signs, as you’ve noticed in some of the stories you’ve already read.


The Other Side will also use strange and unlikely electrical occurrences—cellphones acting weirdly or receiving inexplicable texts and calls, lightbulbs flickering or burning out, and broken transistor radios suddenly playing music, to name a few. Coins, too—since they consist of metal—have a level of conductivity that seems to make them easy targets for the Other Side. Look for coins appearing in unlikely places or at unlikely times, specifically when you are thinking of someone you love who has crossed, wrestling with an important decision, or having a difficult day. I once found a dime standing on its edge in my dryer—at the exact moment that I was thinking about my father, who had crossed. The Other Side finds a way to grab our attention, so I interpreted that unusual coin behavior as a sign—a hello and a hug from my dad.


Rainbows are another powerful and popular sign. A rainbow is essentially a refraction and dispersion of light energy, and the Other Side loves playing around with light energy. The appearance of rainbows, and even double rainbows, at perfectly timed moments is a sign our Teams of Light often choose to send.


But the Other Side is extremely clever and resourceful, so you might get a rainbow sign that has nothing to do with an actual rainbow. For example, if a rainbow is one of your signs, part of the secret language your loved one on the Other Side has chosen to use, then you may spot a rainbow decal on a car, or a rainbow printed on a paper bag, or an inflatable rainbow strung across a parking lot. The same is true of animals—instead of a flesh-and-blood deer, you might stumble across an illustration, or a tattoo, or a photo, at precisely the right moment. That’s also where billboards, newspapers, and magazines come into play—they may contain images of the sign intended for you, and they will be shown to you at a time and in a way that makes it clear they are signs.


License plates and street signs also often turn up as signs. I believe this is because, when we drive, our minds shift into a sort of flow state that makes us more open. So it’s a good time for the Other Side to reach us! Similarly, our teams also use music to communicate with us—through cellphones, iPads, car radios, stereos, even elevators. They have a special talent for letting us hear the song we need to hear exactly when we need to hear it.


Numerical sequences are another common default sign. Consecutive numbers, birth dates, street addresses, telephone numbers, numbers that add up to a meaningful total—these can all be considered attempts by the Other Side to get our attention. Once again, these numbers often appear on electronic devices such as clocks, cellphones, and TVs, and sometimes also on license plates. This makes it easier for the Other Side to put meaningful numbers in front of us and alert us to the sign they are sending.


There are many other default signs—feathers, ladybugs, balloons, colors, clouds, pictures arriving in the mail, even people out in your path. Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and a day later you turn a corner and there they are? The appearance of a default sign at an uncannily opportune moment is often referred to as synchronicity—a “meaningful coincidence,” the occurrence of events that seem to have no causal relationship to each other, yet also seem to be meaningfully related.


I noted above that it was Carl Jung who coined the term synchronicity; Princeton University Press published his book Synchronicity in the mid-twentieth century. Uncanny phenomena have been studied ever since, with various terms used to describe events that defy easy, scientific explanation—such as CMPEs (Conjunction of Meaningfully Parallel Events), simulpathity (feeling someone else’s pain from far away), and supersynchronicities (extreme cases of inexplicable connections between events). There is no scientific consensus about any of these events and experiences, but science has not closed the door on the possibility that these phenomena have meaning beyond what can be rationally explained. I have heard about or experienced thousands of remarkable synchronicities. I have furthermore seen how drawing meaning from these events can change people’s lives in very substantive ways. They are too important, too powerful, too consequential to simply shrug off or ignore.


So be aware of the many default signs our Teams of Light use to connect to us. Because even if we’re not properly paying attention, the Other Side will keep sending them to us until we finally take

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