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It’s very easy to feel lost, stressed and unhappy in this frantic world and we’re here to help, with practical guides on everything from mindfulness, meditation and compassion to time-management and rediscovering your feel-good factor. Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, ways to reduce stress and anxiety or boost creative inspiration, our expert advice will help you transform the way you feel .

happiness planner
Win, Your Mind
To celebrate the publication of The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä we’re offering you the chance to win The Happiness Planner® and a…
Your Mind
Perfectionism is a term that is used commonly in everyday life. People often refer to a perfectionist as someone who…
Transformational breathing exercises
Your Mind
We all breathe all the time. Breathing is that simple. Yet the secret of life and healing, contained within the…
Get On Your Bike 09.06.17
Your Health, Your Mind
It’s National Bike Week, which aims to get everyone out there enjoying cycling, so we’re taking inspiration from Juliana Buhring’s…
A Fearless Heart
Your Health, Your Mind, Your Relationships
Most of us value compassion and agree that it is important both in our own lives as well as in…
Your Health, Your Mind
It’s well known that if you want to keep your body fit, you must do some regular exercise. But when…

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