Your Health
When quinces are in season in autumn, it is really worth making a batch of marmalade as a change from…
peace and happiness
Your Mind
The 21 September marks World Peace Day and to reflect on this, author of A Fearless Heart: Why Compassion is the…
Recover after major trauma
Your Mind
This abridged excerpt from John Marzillier’s ‘To Hell and Back’ looks at how we can grow and recover after major…
mindfulness wordsearch
Your Mind
Puzzles can be a great way to calm a restless mind. Feel the tension release as you focus on this achievable…
Your Health
As we enjoy the last days of summer and those cool early mornings signal that autumn is on its way,…
assertive at work
Your Career
How assertive are you at work? Find out here.
true to yourself
Your Mind
Living authentically is an ideal to aspire to. It is when we have no need to impress others or gain…
Your Relationships
When Sara Davison’s marriage broke down, she felt as though her life was over. It took every ounce of her…
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NOW CLOSED: Win a mindfulness spa retreat with Champneys

To celebrate the launch of the Improvement Zone we’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Champneys to give you the chance to win a luxury spa weekend. Relax and refresh your mind with a calming weekend away from it all,…